A Prescription From The PR Doctor To Prevent Unhealthy Public Relations

The public’s perceptions of the health and well being of a company can be formed by the publicity the company and its leaders receive in the media. And certainly no business or individual wants negative publicity that will taint the current “state of the business” or images of the company and its leaders. Positive public relations are very important to all businesses and require a dedicated strategic thinking effort to achieve the desired results.

The impact of media coverage and positive media headlines can mean an enhancement of your company and your individual image in the communities and the markets where you do business. Yet, there are so many times and so many examples of public relations efforts being done in an unhealthy manner. The PR Doctor has developed a prescription for you to use to prevent unhealthy public relations. The prescription includes the following ten (10) prescribed strategies actions.

#1: Develop a clearly defined strategic integrated marketing communications plan with a well-defined strategic action plan for the public relations element.

#2: Develop a clearly defined identity or brand for your business and consistently reinforce that brand.

#3: Develop a clearly defined target market.

#4: Develop a realistic budget for your public relations efforts and make sure your expectations are matched by an appropriate budget.

#5: Differentiate your company by avoiding the use of buzzwords from your industry or business sector. Tell why your company is different from what is already out there.

#6: Be realistic in your expectations for media coverage. Be cautious not to expect Fortune 500 coverage just because you sent a news release to the media.

#7: Write news releases that add personality and energy so it will stand out from all the other news releases being sent to the media. Develop great sound bites and quotes and avoid those blatantly self-serving statements about you and your company.

#8: Provide verifiable evidence for whatever claims you make in a news release. The media will want proof.

#9: Review the final news release or media communication to ensure it communicates what you want to say. Avoid having the attorneys and engineers be the final decision maker on the writing piece.

#10: Develop strategic media lists and always keep them up to date.

The PR Doctor encourages you to develop a plan to prevent unhealthy and damaging public relations for you and your business.