Top 5 Benefits of a Consistent Public Relations Strategy

A well-thought out and executed Public Relations plan can go a long way toward helping a business reach more clients, establish the desired perception of their business, drive traffic to their website and generate more sales. But a consistent and strategic plan is much more than sending out a press release occasionally and hoping for the best. A good plan requires in-depth planning, creative thinking, and even an eye on trends and industry changes.

Unfortunately many entrepreneurs shy away from any in-depth planning because the thought of creating such a long-term project sounds too overwhelming, and also like too much work! Instead, they prefer a more short-term “go with the flow” kind of attitude when it comes to public relations, which can ultimately hurt their chances for business growth. If you are still not convinced, here are five reasons why a consistent Public Relations strategy is beneficial for your business.

A Good Public Relations Strategy…

Keeps Your Business in the Forefront of People’s Minds: Public relations is just that; relating to the public. Like I have mentioned before, you could have the most amazing presentation/product/service is the world, but it doesn’t mean much if no one has heard of you… or hasn’t heard from you in a very long time. “Out of sight out of mind” is another strong reason entrepreneurs need a consistent process that keeps their name in front of prospective clients, including things like press releases, joint ventures, and guest blogging opportunities that announce newsworthy information.

Creates Structure: Imagine building a house, but by starting first on the attic, then maybe the bathroom and then moving to the landscaping. You’d end up with not only an “interesting” house, but an unstable one as well. A consistent plan is like the foundation of your house/business. All things successful will not only be built upon a strong foundation, but done in an order that makes $en$e.

Creates Organization: Having a proven plan of attack when it comes to public relations also helps prevent speakers and coaches from falling into the “flying by the seat of their pants” trap by removing the guesswork work out of coming up with a new plan each month. A well thought out plan also opens up the possibilities of trying new marketing tactics; ones that may not have been explored before. Having a plan in place can relieve business owners of the panic of suddenly realizing they’ve done absolutely nothing for Public Relations in MONTHS, and allows the head-space and time needed to get creative. Depending on whether or not you market locally, additional tactics can also include things like a ribbon cutting ceremony for your business or sponsoring an offline event, sponsoring an online event, discovering new opportunities for guest speaking or training, prospecting for media interviews and enhanced social media efforts.

Is a Guide: A consistent strategy is much like a road map for success. If business was like hacking through the jungle (which it often is) having a plan that is implemented on a consistent basis is like the tour guide who keeps you from stumbling into quicksand.

Provides Credibility: It allows entrepreneurs to nurture and guide the public’s perception of their business or brand. If potential (or even current) clients can visibly see signs of a business’ PR online, that business will instantly gain credibility points. Having that visible presence assures those who want to purchase products or services that your business is not some fly-by-night or “one-and-done” company.

If you are one of those business professionals who shy away from any sort of consistent methods, the five benefits above should be a clear indicator that it’s time to rethink your tactics. Take the time to develop a detailed task list and timetable for your plan so you can implement your tactics as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

If you are stumped on how to move forward with your new public relations strategy and plan, we can help!